Dolphin Dogs – Pets Helping People

Our Dolphin Dogs provide non-judgemental friendship, comfort and listening ears.

Jordan, a six-year-old autistic boy, went through Dolphin Dog hydrotherapy and all his autistic symptoms disappeared. One year later on and none of his autistic traits have been observed. He now happily communicates, makes eye contact, and plays and interacts well with others.

Many children on the autism spectrum do not feel connected to their bodies, but when they are in water that connection occurs, and it can be a very liberating experience if they can learn to swim. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children aged between one to four. And the danger of drowning is much higher for children with special needs, especially those with autism. 91% of wandering related deaths among autistic children are due to accidental drowning, so our Dolphin Dogs can really help save a life.

Our Dolphin Dogs can help children develop feelings of compassion and help them develop inter- personal skills. Children can experience improved self-control, awareness, attention and confidence. People can experience many benefits including better motor skills, an improved immune system, and quality of life. Our Dolphin Dogs help people experience less feelings of loneliness, stress and depression – and just help make people feel happy.

Each session begins with an individual assessment and meeting the therapy dog, followed by a hydropool session lasting around 30 minutes depending on a person’s needs and a therapy dog’s ability.

Our Dolphin Dogs help people of any age who have special educational needs or disabilities, are terminally ill or undergoing medical treatment, suffering a bereavement, or who feel vulnerable, socially isolated and alone. We help people of all faiths, and no faith, and any nationality or race, and especially like to help those people who feel most isolated from the community.

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