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About Dolphin Dogs

Our Dolphin Dogs help people of any age who have special educational needs or disabilities, are terminally ill or undergoing medical treatment, suffering a bereavement, or who feel vulnerable, socially isolated and alone.

We help people of all faiths, and no faith, and any nationality or race, and especially like to help those people who feel most isolated from the community

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Testimonials and kind words

Maeve, a Labrador, helps our hydropool feel less scary for kids. Poppy had a lot of anxiety about strangers, noises, and being touched, but as soon as Poppy and Maeve were in the pool she was fine. Poppy normally gets overwhelmed easily and her parents were amazed just how quickly she responded to Maeve. Poppy had confidence in Maeve, which made her confident in the water and she just wanted to swim with Maeve.

Poppy Dolphin Dogs User

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